Both the BBC and ITV still need to put resources into improving Regional News for Cumbria, Lancashire and the Isle of Man.

27th March 2018

Dear Readers

There are the beginnings of a concerted effort by the Manx Government to get much better coverage of the Isle of Man, which currently just gets the odd mention (if lucky) on BBC North-West Tonight or ITV Granada Reports. The situation of poor television coverage on the independent territory is being discussed by the Manx Government  in the Tynwald, their equivalent of the Houses of Parliament in the UK ( Because of the Isle of Man’s unique situation it really needs its own opt-out programming from NorthWest Regional Television.

Lancashire and South Cumbria also need their own opt-out programming or (better still) to be part of a new BBC and ITV NorthWest Television Region that will provide much more localised and effective news programming for these areas. The odd mention on BBC North-West Tonight or on ITV Granada Reports does this entire area a disservice.


#RegionalNews #LocalNews #Lancashire #Cumbria #IsleofMan #Lakeland #TheLakes #notjustlakes #Tynwald #Manx #NorthWest

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