The NorthWest News that Lancashire and South Cumbria should be getting

Dear Readers

As you may be aware, this is a Site devoted to the critique (and hopefully) change of Regional Television in NorthWest England, with a view to improving it for Lancashire (including Rochdale, Bolton, Wigan and Southport) and South Cumbria.  So what should the regional news programming be for the area.  I would assert that something like:

Ten news items on the evening bulletins broken down with three news items exclusively for South Cumbria or northern Lancashire. Of the remaining seven news items, three would be devoted to Central and South Lancashire (including Rochdale, Bolton, Wigan and Southport), another three news items would be anywhere in the new NorthWest transmission area and one item would be overlap coverage of an area extending south to Crewe, north right up to the Scottish Border and eastwards to cover the western half of the Yorkshire Dales and the western-half of West Yorkshire.

For the shorter lunchtime and weekend news bulletins with five news items, one item will be devoted to South Cumbria, one to Central/ South Lancashire and two will be devoted to coverage of the transmission area generally.  The remaining one item will be the most serious news event happening across the entire NorthWest, extending from Crewe in the South to the Scottish Border, north of Carlisle and extending east into western North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

Regional Political and Current Affairs programming like Inside Out would also have a mix of programming according to geographical areas similar to above.

All of this would ensure that Lancashire and South Cumbria were much better represented with regional programming relevant to the communities in question.  The overlap zone would ensure better all-round news-programming for communities at (and straddling) the edge of the transmission areas.

The Isle of Man would have it’s own opt-out programming, the island being a special case as a country in its own right with its own Parliament (the Tynwald).  Almost nothing that happens in mainland NorthWest England has any direct relevance to viewers of Regional Television on the Isle of Man.

However, neither the BBC nor ITV will commit resources to creating new regional programming for Lancashire, South Cumbria or the Isle of Man without pressure being bought to bear on them.


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