Two serious incidents in Cumbria in one day, one involving a death, not reported on NorthWest Regional Television.

19th March 2018

Dear Readers,

Earlier today there were two serious incidents on the northern transmission boundary of both BBC North West Tonight and ITV Granada: The first incident was that of a man who fell 200 feet to his death whilst scaling the mountain of Helvellyn in the Lakes( The second incident involved a little four-year old girl sustaining life-threatening injuries when her family’s car crashed on the A591 near Windermere. The little girl was taken to hospital where she is in a critical condition (

A look through the online news-feeds of both BBC North West Tonight and ITV Granada Reports shows that none of these items were covered as there is no mention of them on either the Twitter or Facebook news-feeds.

This is annoying for South Cumbrian viewers of these NorthWest Regional Television Bulletins because it is quite likely that the man who died on Helvellyn and/ or the little girl now fighting for her life in hospital lived in their communities. If a man died on Winter Hill near Bolton or a child suffered life-threatening injuries on a major road in Manchester you can be sure that would be covered. But South Cumbrian viewers are treated as second rate, possibly because of the relative inconvenience to them of getting reporters up to Cumbria, so they don’t get coverage of even quite serious news about the county. The other thing BBC North West Tonight and ITV Granada hate doing is reporting on anything beyond their transmission boundary, which makes for very poor all-round news-coverage if you live somewhere like Kendal or Sedbergh.

It is clear that viewers in the north of the North West Television transmission areas get poorer coverage, even at times allowing for the lower population of South Cumbria and northern Lancashire compared to Manchester or Liverpool. This is completely unacceptable and it is time that both the BBC and ITV (which has a monopoly on Regional News given that the BBC is the only competition) rectified the poor news coverage that more northerly areas of North West England get.

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