Analysis of news items on ITV Granada shows Cumbria and Lancashire are neglected.

18th February 2018,

Dear Readers,

A look at ITV Granada’s website news-feed shows that out of eighteen actual news items only three concern events in the county of Lancashire. None concerned Cumbria: This concerns news over 16th to 18th February.  You can see Granada’s news-feed here:

How is this a good local news service for folk living in those parts of South Cumbria that cannot get ITV Border (which covers Cumbria very well) and northern Lancashire who will not see much that is relevant to their day to day lives.

It is worth noting that the Isle of Man has been switched from ITV Border to ITV Granada. The Isle of Man is its own self-autonomous nation State, albeit one which is a Crown Dependency of the UK.  And they have not been mentioned once in the last couple of days!

The local television choice for people living in much of South Cumbria, the Isle of Man and northern Lancashire is 80% Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire on ITV Granada or 80% Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire on BBC North West Tonight: It’s not much of a choice!

How about these areas of South Cumbria, the Isle of Man and northern Lancashire being given a much better choice with all of these areas, roughly north of a line from Lytham St-Annes to Nelson being transferred to the ITV Border Region. Since ITV do opt-outs and provide an English and Scottish version of their flagship news programme Lookaround, it follows that this would give those areas of South Cumbria and northern Lancashire much better news coverage.  ITV could then be good enough to provide ITV Border with the extra resources to provide opt-out news programming for the Isle of Man. This would give Cumbria and northern Lancashire almost exclusive news coverage, the other 10% could be overlap coverage of Southern Scotland and Northumberland to the north and- to the south to Manchester and Liverpool.

It goes without saying that, as part of ITV Border’s extension to northern Lancashire, ITV Border would be transferred from the ITV Tyne Tees tie-up to ITV Granada, and the ITV Border operation would be given more resources so that it could re-open it’s base in Carlisle. This help eliminate the situation where news programming comes from distant cities; today much of Cumbria and southern Scotland gets some news about the North East at weekends.

To fund the change ITV could reduce the renumeration it gives to senior Management a little and reduce some of its operations in other countries, which it does to try and get revenue. If this was done, more people in northern Lancashire and South Cumbria, as well as the Isle of Man would watch the new ITV Border Regional Programming and advertising revenues would follow.

People who live in Cumbria and northern Lancashire have been short-changed with regional news coverage for many years. It is time something like the above was done to redress this issue.


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