Many Official Organisations recognise the North West as including all of Cumbria.

The stance of the official North West English public news broadcasters’ general refusal to cover northern Cumbria is at odds with a whole host of official British organisations whose North West Region encompasses the whole North West from Crewe to Cumbria’s border with Scotland. Here is a comprehensive list of organisations that do include Carlisle and northern Cumbria in their North West Regions:

1) North West Ambulance Service

2) The Conservative Party North West

3) Labour North West (https ://

4) North West Liberal Democrats (

5) Girl Guiding North West

6) North West Regional Organised Crime Unit , TITAN. (

7) Electricity North West (https://www.enwl

8) Environmental Agency North West Region.

9) Unison North West (https ://www.unisonnw org)

10) Unite North West Regional Office covers Crewe to Carlisle.

11) ACAS North West (>northwest)

12) The British Army North West Regiment, The Duke of Lancaster Regiment.

13) North West Scouts (https ://

14) Highways England North West Region (

15) The Judiciary Northern Circuit (which covers the North West in its entirety),

In addition there is the North West Fire Control which does not cover Merseyside but does cover all of Cumbria,

Few official organisations with a North West Region omit Cumbria from it. It is time that the official regional television broadcasters in North West England did likewise because, if the above organisations include Cumbria in their definition of North West England – including the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services and the Parties that dominate in the House of Commons- then Regional News ews would more reflect practical experience.

Currently however, you have a situation where people in north-west Cumbria get their services from the North West, water, electricity, etc and have public services which are North West based. However, the so-called local news they get on the television comes from North East England and any coverage of regional service providers are likely to be the wrong ones for them. Furthermore, for folk in northern Cumbria who live westwards of the M6, what happens in Newcastle, Sunderland or Peterlee is very unlikely to have any direct bearing upon their lives!

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