Some people are very well paid in the BBC.

13th February 2018,

Dear Readers

The BBC pays it’s senior management very handsomely. The BBC’s seven Executive Directors received between them £2,880,000 during the 2016-17 Financial Year. That works out at over £411,428 each, which is well over two and a half times what the Prime Minister Theresa May receives each year. Even if these executive directors received £200,000 per annum they would still be extremely well-paid and the BBC would save £1,480,000 per annum.

The BBC also pays actors and part-players in various programmes extremely well too, in order to attract talent. During the 2016/17 Financial Year one person received over £1,750,000 and another over £ 2,200,000. This is an extremely large amount of money; do the BBC really suggest that they could not get adequate talent for £1,000,000. Surely not even David Attenborough would require that much. If we just reduced the monies paid to £1 million that would save the BBC a further £1,950,000 per annum.

Altogether, these measures that reduce the astronomical sums paid to senior Management and paid out to attract talent (you can still get very good talent in just about anything for £1 million); these simple measures would save the BBC £3,430,000 per year.

And £3 million per annum would pay for a regional news opt-out from BBC North West Tonight that would cover northern Lancashire and Cumbria, along with the Isle of Man from a new studio in Lancaster.

Of course, that probably won’t happen: After all, the BBC’s senior management are not likely to cut their own bloated salaries and bonuses (executive director Tim Davies got £223,000 in bonuses in 2016/17). However, the BBC Trust can be prevailed upon to ensure that the BBC puts more of its resources to the front-line like Regional Television in the North West, which is funded less per head of population and by area than elsewhere in England and Wales.

Sources. The BBC Annual Report 2016/17 (pdf file). Relevant information on pages 56 and 75)

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