Why don’t the BBC re-name North West Tonight Manchester and Mersey?

7th February 2018

Sorry to have to report this, but for those who live in the northern three-quarters of North West England your BBC Regional Television news programme failed you this evening – Again!

The first item was about the failure of the Merseyside NHS Trust,  the second was also about how the alleged failings of the NHS failed a baby boy who is not going to get the treatment he needs to save his life. There were two more news items concerning Manchester and another concerning a family from Wigan whose children also had serious health complications, they were followed to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London where the children had to go for treatment. The other items concerned a separate Suffragette Movement on the Isle of Man and the one news item from Lancashire was a sports feature.

Nothing from Cumbria- or indeed from anywhere north of Preston!

Whilst it is very important that our news providers are thorough in holding the authorities and public service providers like the National Health Service to account, and it is good that the BBC in the North West does this, it is not good when half the English North West is completely ignored.

If the BBC in the North West don’t want to commit resources to improving coverage of the northern three-quarters of the English North West then they should re-name the evening news programme Manchester and Mersey Tonight: At least the good citizens of the Fylde Coast, East Lancashire, North Lancashire and South Cumbria would know where they stand!

Northern and Western Cumbria, despite having an area that covers all the northern third of North West England gets its regional programming from Newcastle, from where 85 to 90% news coverage is about the North East! But they would not want to watch BBC North West Tonight in its current incarnation – it’s intolerable enough as it is for folk living in Lancaster and South Cumbria, imagine what viewers of regional television in Carlisle, Workington or Whitehaven would make of little mention of anything north of the M62 Corridor!

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